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iFD – the software house for retail, wholesale, production and services – we offer proven, efficient and powerful solutions.

Our daily goal is to work hard to consistently focus on the requests and needs of our customers and partners. This is the basis we use to recommend the best products and technologies and to define, develop, integrate and support user friendly and cost efficient solutions to your company’s data management challenges.

For more than 22 years, we have successfully offered professional, reliable and highly qualified services to our customers, whether in retail, industry, service or production. A comprehensive of up-to-date experience in the overall market, the business areas as well as in the technologies allow us to build Best-Practice-Solutions for our customers, combined with our training and consulting we integrate and often optimize the workflows in the most efficient way.

Our many years of doing these projects is the guaranty that we come to you with  the practical experience.to provide cost efficient solutions designed by iFD.

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News: Automation in Retail and Logistics
Especially in the area of retail and logistics, durable and powerful hardware components are an import factor.

iFD now extends the cooperation with the well-known manufacture of mobile device m3 mobile. Based the already years of experience using m3 mobile with Windows CE in different customer installations, now also other products from m3 mobile’s range will be used and taken in focus.

m3 mobile & iFD Mobility Solutions

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Portfolio and Services

iFD navRETAIL for Microsoft Navision

Efficient and fast workflows are an important competitive factor for any company. As companies and their data requirements grow more complex every day, these types of workflows are not achieved without the highly efficient support of an comprehensive ERP-System with a precise functionality. It is also important that the user and employees are able to quickly get used to the system and therefore the training times must be reasonable. These are some of the factors that often can influence the overhead and the cost of ownership significantly profits?

Optimal, easy and understandable workflows, precise master data and a well-planned degree of automation are the basis for increased success today and for tomorrow… Using these optimal workflows, especially in using ERP-, MDE- or warehouse systems, can as well reduce the amount of mistakes made, reduce employee expenses and increase service quality. The extensive integration in the Microsoft Office Product line, like Microsoft Outlook®, CRM and Microsoft SharePoint® Server – Technology opens up the possibility of further collaboration  and further optimizations in the specific IT infrastructure.

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Sales collaboration with mTrade

The customer is the most important component in any company. To serve them the best way is the key to increasing customer satisfaction. Field sales people should have all relevant and actual information on hand at any time and should be able to transmit orders fully automized at any time. iFD mTrade is a mobile software application that offers these important functions, directly connected to your ERP-System. From planning visits, taking orders, making store-checks or product presentation – optimize your potential and speed at any time.

To provide quick, reliable and comprehensive information, take orders directly with knowledge of the stock situation and offer product and service presentations at your customer‘s site – without involving internal resources and therefore gain speed, service quality and lower personal expenses. Would this help your sales? Of course, it would!

Yes definitely, mTRADE might be your answer for this daily challenge in sales.

Detailed product information also with specs and pictures, actual availability, the customer data and his sales history, all this is now directly at the fingertips of the sales person on his mobile device. But they can also view reports and orders, do store checks, and new orders can be taken and viewed directly. Both centrally and locally – mTrade opens up a powerful new service providing quality and speed for you and your customers.

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Customer Relationship Management
Microsoft Dynamics™CRM
CRM für Dynamics™ Navison

The optimal customer relationships the goal for any company. You can easily expand existing IT infrastructure by integrating Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM). We will consult with your staff to understand a clear definition of your goals to create efficient interfaces to existing data and to define the clear responsibilities of each of the system components, as often functionalities in the different systems overlap.

Microsoft Dynamics™ Navision has the ability to integrate two different versions of CRM functionality from Microsoft.

The first is the Navision CRM module with contacts, segments and campaigns and a separated Service module. For even more functionality, the big solution web oriented Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM with customers, contacts, cases (ticket system), service and a lot more, like the module Unified Service Desk for Call- and Service Centers with the ability to integrate CTI (Computer Telephony), is available.

iFD can help you choosing the right version of CRM, based on your requirements, then customize and integrate CRM in the best and most efficient way in your existing IT-application and service structure and therefore we can  assure you that the integration cost of CRM’s are economically optimal.

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Microsoft Development
Our solutions are mainly developed with the state of the art development tools and frameworks by Microsoft.
Microsoft Navision Retail
Our ERP and communication experts rely on Web 2.0 and modern and encrypted web services.
iFD is ISO 9001:2015 certified
Certified on ISO 9001 – solid and up-to-date engineering quality based on the Best-Practices-Methods and defined test plans. The basis for high quality engineering.

Focus Product Presentation

iFD wMaS – The cloud solution for warehouse management as Software as a Service
iFD wMas Logo

iFD wMaS – The cost efficient web based solution for warehouse management as a Service

The efficient management of a larger warehouse is based on a good structure, precise workflows and well-designed logic for entry and exit of goods, as well as a very good, reliable and flexible warehouse management software solution. 

As warehouse businesses grow and become more complex, the large flows of goods, also broken down to smaller units, can only efficiently be initiated, optimized, controlled and tracked by the intelligence of a warehouse management software.

Based on years of experience in this field, iFD wMaS now offers this comprehensive functionality as a web based complete solution for the operation of mid-size warehouses including also the functionalities locally for the picking and transport hardware. WMaS offers the complete range of functionality from master data maintenance, entry, exit, shipping as well as master control seat and monitoring of all functions of a modern and efficient warehouse, an economical solution on a Pay per User basis.

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