Warehouse Management System (WMS) as a Service

To efficiently  manage bigger warehouse facility needs, in addition to a well-planned structure, precise workflows and an efficiently planned goods receiving and shipment area, using a comprehensive, powerful warehouse management system (WMS).

iFD wMas Lagerstruktur / Warehouse structure

iFD wMaS Lagerstruktur / Warehouse structure

Large flows a material, even on single-piece basis, can only to be managed, optimized and tracked efficiently and cost-effectively by the intelligence of a warehouse management system (WMS), allowing the overview of all flows at any time.

The WMS in the cloud

iFD wMaS (Warehouse Management as a Service) is a web-based full-solution for managing midsize warehouse environments, and even large numbers of multiple locations.

  • iFD wMaS Bestände / Stock
    iFD wMaS Bestände / Stock

This solution covers all functions and aspects, from managing the master data to the operations dashboards for monitoring the activities very conveniently. iFD wMaS contains a rich set of functions for a modern and efficient warehouse management. It can be an economical solution on a Pay per User / Device basis.

Advantages of a WMS as Software as a Service

As a cloud-based web solution, iFD wMaS is operated by using the internet browser on the user’s client, as well as a connection to the cloud sized accordingly to the amount of traffic traveling between the warehouse and the cloud. Securing the communication can be established in different ways, mostly as VPN (virtual private network) scenario, using data encryption.

The advantage of WMS as a Service in contrast to creating your own installation normally are:

No customer-site investments in

  • Server systems
  • Server- and server license programs
  • Backup components and logic
  • Redundancy environment
  • Server-side security equipment

Studies and experience have shown additionally the following advantages of Software as a Service solution, independently of the business area:

  • Faster integration of the solutions
  • Lower risk of investment
  • Lower IT-process- and personnel cost
  • More transparent IT cost
  • Lower IT-process complexity
  • Increased Mobility

Service portfolio of the  iFD Group

Based on years of experience in setting up and optimizing warehouse and process structure, iFD can support your integration projects by offering the following real-world services from its portfolio for a successful and efficient integration and operation of iFD wMaS in your organization:

  • Warehouse structural analysis and definition
  • Master-data definition
  • Optimizing warehouse structure, ways and paths
  • Choosing the right communication technologies
  • Selecting the correct local hardware components like e.g. barcode readers, terminals, terminals for vehicle, gate technologies
  • Optimizing good receiving and shipment processes
  • Tracking and GPS
  • ERP-Interfacing and data interchange
  • Conversion and import of data from pre-systems
  • Workshops and training plans for warehouse personnel, on-site, on-the-job or as webcasts

Highlights of iFD wMaS

iFD wMaS offers a wide range of necessary functions for operating a centralized or distributed warehouse complex. In the following list, some of the major functions of the solutions are listed:

  • General administration
  • User- and rights administration
  • Mobile device management
  • Master-data administration
  • –control of data generated during the operation of an ERP such as the structure of your invoices or orders.
  • Goods receiving
  • Lot- and best before recording and management
  • Storing
  • Relocation
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Pallet documents and labels (Custom or e.g. GS1 Standards EAN128)
  • Shipping
  • optional: Shipment documents with images for sensible or customs or dangerous goods
  • optional: Gate technologies e.g. RFID
  • Transport
  • Management dashboard
  • Service
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring
iFD wMaS Menu

Module structure of wMaS

The cloud-based solution iFD wMaS offers services for three important areas in warehouse management and logistics and is designed to handle different sizes of organizations. The three modules are:

Warehouse Management Fleet Management Yard Management
  • Master data
    • Items
    • customers
    • Vendors
    • Warehouse topology
    • Internal transport devices
  • Documents
    • Customer orders
    • Supply orders
    • Returns
  • Processes
    • Goods receipt
    • Allocation
    • Picking
    • Expedition
    • Loading
    • Relocation
    • Replenishment
    • Stocktaking
  • Master data
    • Vehicles
    • Drivers
    • Shipping companies
    • Customers
    • Vendors

  • Documents
    • Shipping orders
    • Invoices

  • Processes
    • Build optimum tour
    • Supply orders to GPS system
    • Retrieve GPS tracking
    • Retrieve tachograph data from GPS system
    • Create invoices for fulfilled shipping orders
  • Master data
    • Vehicles
    • Drivers
    • Shipping companies
    • Customers
    • Vendors
    • Yard topology
  • Documents
    • Reservation of time interval
    • Registration of vehicle
  • Processes
    • Registration of time intervals
    • Registration of vehicles
    • Control of vehicles within the yard
    • Determination of docking places

A comprehensive solution for all warehouse management needs – iFD wMaS

Mobility components

A comprehensive warehouse management solution, like iFD wMaS, consists on the one hand of centralized logic and on the other hand of local mobile or fixed installed hardware components. When communicating and interacting with the centralized iFD wMaS, various hardware components can be used. The most common ones are:

  • Handheld-Scanner Short-Range / Long-Range
  • Special barcode scanners for e.g. deep freeze cells
  • Tablets or scan systems for logistics in truck or for containers
  • Forklift-, low- or high lift trucks or order picker terminals
  • Specialized terminals
  • Control devices e.g. temperature
  • other warehouse devices

Terminal and barcode readers use our product iFD mSTORE to connect to iFD wMaS to fulfill the individual tasks to be done in the warehouses. Control systems are normally attached by using our Monitoring-Systems.

Plus: Pro-active Infrastructure Monitoring

In all kind of warehouse environments, it is important that all installed technologies be on duty at all times. However, in the real world, devices can also fail to operate. To be aware of such situations right away and to have the chance to take care of this defect quickly can significantly stabilize or increase your service quality.

iFD wMaS contains the functions of our product iFD infraMon, allowing you to monitor all used devices in the infrastructure to thus reduce or eliminate the conditions of unexpected situations, based on hardware or software service failures.

The integrated monitoring function constantly checks the hardware and software components support by the solution. In case of a failure, the Service Center Desk is informed, and also routing that incident report immediately to the customer service department of the hardware service partner.

By using the integrated monitoring reports the sources of frequent hardware and software failures / incidents can be located, helping the organization to take special care of components which frequently affect your service quality.

Individual online solution presentation

Would you like to know more about the functionality and possibilities with iFD wMaS  in an individual online product presentation?

Just give us a call or get in contact by using our contact or demo request form and we will get back to you right away or at the time, you specified to coordinate your personal online presentation on one of our demo installations of iFD wMaS and our product add-ons.

iFD wMaS Cloud Warehouse management solution as a Service

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