Warehouse management and logistics

An efficient and planned flow in warehouses normally has a significant impact on the service degree and quality provided. By using a comprehensive warehouse management system, workflows can be optimized and standardized resulting in your personnel time and usage becomes more efficiently planned and optimized.

iFD wMas Lagerstruktur / Warehouse structure

iFD wMas Lagerstruktur / Warehouse structure

iFD wMaS WMS as Software as a Service

With our web based solution iFD wMaS we have now a complete and comprehensive solution to provide warehouse management functionality to a wide range in the cloud – easy, affordable and powerful.

SaaS solution offers a number of advantages to the customer, including that licenses and usage fees are normally calculated on the effective number of users and over a period of time, installation and introduction costs are often much lower than concrete in-house installations, just to name a few advantages recently pointed out by consulting companies.

In complex installations, or where internet bandwidth or service are not yet stable enough, iFD also offers the product iFD wMaS as a stand-alone in-house installed product to still provide full advantage of the technologies to the users, but avoiding service problems due to missing or weak internet connection to the driving data center, hosting the iFD wMaS online version.


The local warehouse hardware devices, as well as the users, communicate with the cloud solution that normally is secured and encrypted communication over the World Wide Web, often in form of a VPN (Virtual private Network) between the different warehouse locations, the head office and the cloud. Depending on the individual environments and technical / infrastructural possibilities at the location of the warehouse and head-office(s), different types of underlying communication lines are to be used. In enhanced installations, even primary and secondary communication lines are used in order to possibly secure your operation even if the primary line is temporarily out of service.

Mobile devices in the warehouse

The overall warehouse solution consists of central and local functionality and hardware / software devices. Units like mobile scanner, gate technology, cameras or fork lift terminals are operated locally in the locations, communicating with the cloud and its central service directly.

Here again, our comprehensive MDE solution iFD mStore is installed on the mobile devices (please see compatability list) and allows the users to perform all necessary daily tasks in the warehouses like goods receiving, packing, relocation, picking, label printing and shipping.

Other hardware components are also defined and supplied centrally with the resulting data, like print outs and labels.

Complete supply chain

The complete supply chain is most  easily achieved if the local scanning device are also used in shipping and eventually on the trucks itself, responding to the system that the shipment, the load or the pallet has now been received and correctly signed by the receiver, also allowing eventually to record products or shipment material (boxes, pallets, trays) the customer returned with the truck, so that in case of deposit articles the shipment material data could be returned to the master ERP system account and can be updated or credit notes can be prepared automatically in the ERP system based on this information already returned, even when the truck is still on the road.

When returning to the base, just the loaded shipment material has to be counted in order to make sure that the driver returning the correct number and quality of the shipment material, releasing or maintaining then the account or the credit notes depending on the receivers setting in the system.

Large footprint warehouse management (WMS) – iFD Group

Besides the solution for mid-sizes companies, iFD Group national und internationally also has the solution for large warehouse infrastructure and material flow logic. Would you like to know more?

Comprehensive information is provided on the Website of the iFD Group or just send us a request by using our contact form and you get back to you to present our solutions for large warehouse management.
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