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Your international contacts in Sales & Consulting:

GWG. Woltmann G. Woltmann
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Information Engineering – Consulting & Sales International
“Expert for sales retail  and IT-Solutions in retail and wholesale with about 25 years of experience in commercial IT environments. Practical solutions on basis of own best-practice experience over years in retail – proven efficiency and solutions in retail and wholesale.”
Speaks: German * English * Spanish

Your headquarter contacts:

Dr. Ing. Krassimir Dimitrov
Dr. Ing. Krassimir Dimitrov
Dr. Ing. Krassimir Dimitrov
“Extended experience in project management and all processes in retail, wholesale, production, logistics and service are the basis for our innovative, integrative and efficient concepts, products and service, which often build a market advantage for our customers.”
Speaks: German * English * Bulgarian * Russian
Emil DimitrovEmil Dimitrov Emil Dimitrov
Partner Management – Business Development
Responsible for our software- and hardware partner program, testing and certification of hardware and software components for ERP-Modules, Mobility and Components, Business Development and -management.
Speaks: German * English * Bulgarian

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