iFD Support, Hotline and Service Center

In order to optimally support our customers and their operations, we operate a support- and service center.

Depending on the individual customers need, we offer different service level agreement, often also containing defined available and response times for the different severity levels of potential incidents:

  • 5×8 Standard 5 days / 8 hours
  • 5×12 Extended 5 days / 12 hours
  • 5×24 Silver 5 days / 24 hours
  • 7×24 Gold 7 days / 24 hours

The reaction times are defined in the individual service-level-agreement and are normally based on the typically used classes of severity of 0 to 3.

Supported ways of inbound problem reporting

To get quickly in contact with our service center, we offer actually three different ways:

  • By email, phone or telefax to national service number1)
  • By network messaging (SMTP or web service)
  • By using our web based support-ticket system

Contacting via Email, Phone or Telefax

Cases can be reported by using three different methods and will be automatically imported into our ticket system by case number, so that you can track the case by using your login to our ticket system at any time.

To get in contact with our Service Center special national phone numbers are available is different countries1)  as well.

Reporting by network message

Automation for systems and solutions. Let your systems report critical situations or error situations directly to us instantly by using network messaging. By integration of these iFD messaging algorithms, your systems and solutions can directly send their messages to our central monitoring systems to inform our Service Center directly. Because the system is  reliable and fast, important time is saved and our reaction and solution speed can be optimized.

For extended, distributed or complex installations we also recommend our product iFD infraMon for pro-active monitoring of hardware-, software-, services, web solutions and platforms and databases. Additional information on the comprehensive functionality of  iFD infraMon is represented in the product page of iFD infraMon.

Using our support ticket system

All cases and problem reports are collected and maintained in our center support ticket system. When authorized, you and your IT or service department can also use our web based ticket system to directly enter your cases and / or problem reports interactively. You can set all necessary settings like severity level, importance and so on. In case of status change of the case, a status message is send automatically to the originally reporting user and its defined email-address, so that the user is always up-to-date which  also happens when the user supplied his response email address for the above two methods.

1) Not available in all countries – please ask for more details.

Individual presentation of iFD Support Portfolio

Would you like to know more about iFD comprehensive support portfolio and the possibilities for your organization?

Just give us a call or get in contact by using our contact request form and we will get back to you right away or at the time you specified to coordinate your personal presentation.
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