Warehouse Management System

Why Store IT?

  • Implementation within 3 months from order
  • Cost-effective solution – 30 000 – 80 000 EUR including integration with ERP system and adjustment of business processes and documents
  • Control and optimization of transports
  • Multi-company
  • Storage fee settlement by company.
  • Minimization of the investment volume through the option of cloud rental license

General Features of Store IT

  • WEB based user interface
  • Mobile apps for handheld and forktruck terminals
  • Platform independence: different operating systems (Linux, Windows) and databases (My SQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, ORACLE etc.); The mobile app runs on Android and Windows;

StoreIT Module

Warehouse topology

  • Warehouse bin types
  • Warehouse structure: Storage location, area and space
  • Definition of the shelf configuration
  • Automatic generation of warehouse bins
  • Graphical shelf mirror
  • Definition of the transport routes
  • Lagerübersicht

Master data

  • Item groups
  • Items
  • Bills of materials and sets
  • Partner (customers, suppliers)
  • Shipping methods
  • Load carrier types
  • Transport vehicle types
  • Transport vehicles
  • Units of measure

Inventory management

  • Loading carriers (LC): stacking of LC on top of each other
  • Inventory: storage with or without LC
  • LC handling functions: Label printing; Relocation via mobile app; Repacking via mobile app; LC info via mobile app
  • Replenishment: Replenishment orders; Replenishment relocation via mobile app
  • Stocktaking: Creation; Counting via mobile app; Evaluation, control, verification

Transport management

  • Multi-step transports
  • Transport handling: via interfaces to automatic warehouse structures; via mobile app (forktruck terminal / handheld app)
  • Forktruck control system: management of means of transport – master data; management of means of transport – position; allocation of transport orders by work area and current position of the means of transport


  • Purchase orders
  • Incoming goods calendar
  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Preparation of goods for storage
  • Storage


  • Sales orders and disposition
  • Picking orders
  • Picking with a mobile app: single-order; Multi-order with batch formation according to the similarity of the orders (cluster process); Man to goods / goods to man; Zone picking with consolidation; Pick by Voice support
  • Packing station
  • Shipment order and loading with a mobile app


  • Bills of material
  • Production lines
  • Production order: automatic calculation of components and suborders from bill of materials
  • Packing station for finished goods
  • Consumption of components
  • Multi-stage production orders
  • Fertigungsstücklisten

System administration

  • Funktion blocks
  • Role management
  • User
  • Companies

Technical interfaces (standard)

  • ERP-integration (real-time via REST service): master data; purchases; sales; production orders; stock comparison; inventory
  • Integration of automated storage structures
  • Pick by Light
  • Forktruck interfaces