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Our ERP solution iFD navRetail is based on the comprehensive and powerful standard software solution Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV (Navision).

Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV is an integrated ERP System with primary focus and mid-size organizations, based on a powerful data system – Microsoft SQL Server and handling business functionality for the following areas:

  • Financial management
  • Marketing
  • Planning
  • Bookkeeping
  • Production
  • Buying
  • Sales, Invoicing,
  • Logistics,
  • Service
  • E-Commerce
  • Project management

Presently, around 50.000 companies in 130 countries are using Microsoft Dynamics™ Navision based solutions. The solution is designed in modules, allowing each customer to individually to select the modules to integrate and use.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is easy to use, intuitive and follows the Microsoft front-end styles. When previously using other Microsoft solutions like Microsoft Office, users will quickly recognize the similarities of this precise solution for efficient planning, organization and control of the organizations business processes.

IFD – Navision experts in food – production, retail and wholesale

iFD has integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions for several years over a number of different releases of NAV – even older versions and technologies are still in our knowledge base.

The strength of iFD Engineering is that our people have a comprehensive knowledge and skills of the different Microsoft Development Technologies and environments and therefore can combine this knowledge with the extended skills in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the different business area like retail and wholesale.

Our team is used to solving high end, complex development projects, carefully deciding which of the technologies is most suitable to cost-efficiently solve the users challenges and if necessary to combine the technologies to build a combined solution“. For example of .Net – development together with Microsoft Dynamics NAV or CRM – and all that at an affordable pricing.

There, where we face technology-based restrictions in one environment, we build the bridge by using complementary techniques like Microsoft SQL Server™ or .NET programming to generate unique and imperceptible transitions between hardware and software components, building the whole and becoming the basis for often desired highly degrees of automation and rationalization.

Our years and years of experience in retail and wholesale requirements, structures and workflows also with focus on Navision, are the basis and guaranty for practical and efficient solutions, designed and integrated by iFD.

Solution & Productivity

The major goal in most of projects always been to reach the best possible increase in productivity by integrating the new solutions at our customers facilities, bringing them in position of having the optimal return-on-invest on their investment in the solution often consisting of hardware, software, integration and consulting parts.

Our solution for retailers and wholesalers

iFD navRetail is available in different categories, focused on specific business area in retail and wholesale.

The available categories are:

  • Category Food production (CFP)
  • Category Food retail and wholesale (CFR)

Although both areas might have some overlapping requirements, the part production management, for example, is not often relevant in the category of food retail and wholesale…

iFD navRetail for retail and wholesale – Category Food Production (CFP)

As is the entire line of the navRetail add-on solution, this version is also based on the proven functionality of Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV, but here it is applied to production planning, -control, buying, sales, warehousing and logistics.

In production environments of food, tracking and tracing of production lots, best before and various other data, including raw material used based in recipes, is a major topic. All components used and produced must be trackable. iFD navRetail – CFP implements a 100% tracking on all components from raw material, to production to sales and returning products.

Some of the highlights of the solution:

  1. Extended automized processes in the production control, e.g. including automated label printing
  2. Rationalization of all major warehouse management tasks incl. processes like goods receiving, picking, shipping, inventory by using barcode labels and scanning technologies and integration iFD mStore MDE solution in the warehouses and production
  3. Online surveillance of the productivity of production lines and automized reports on detected incidents
  4. Methods for online calculations of recipes
  5. Flexible methods for supplier ratings by defined criteria and weight of the flexible criteria.
  6. Integrated Business Intelligence Reporting, based on our product iFD MIS
  7. Extension of the master data to food declaration regulations incl. nutrition values, allergens and cross-contaminations, storing and handling, certifications, analysis and product specifications

The central functions interact closely together and are:

  • Production planning
  • Buying planning
  • Sales planning

iFD navRetail for retail and wholesale – Category Food Retail / Wholesale (CFR)

The second version of iFD navRETAIL is focused on the entire area of sales in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, making intensive use of theses standard functions but extending them with a number of retail and wholesale specific functionalities with the optimal degree of possibly highest automation in the areas of order taking, invoicing, documents, pricelists and interfacing with all stakeholders, like customers, suppliers and service.

Some of the highlights of this solution:

  • Automatic importing and creation of orders by integrating the mobile business and sales solution mTrade or specific products for OCR-reading and processing of incoming fax orders
  • Automation of interfaces to stakeholders and external systems by using NAV Application server technologies and / or interfaces to integrate the powerful Microsoft BizTalk™ Server
  • Possibilities to integrate Microsoft SharePoint™ based service portals with the Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV based NAV Employee Portal
  • Fully automized processes for sending the entire range of documents (Invoices, delivery notes, pricelists and many more) based on customer individually adjustable ways of distribution (for example via letter shop, E-Mail or Fax)
  • Interface to our Business Intelligence Reporting product iFD MIS
  • Management of article variants
  • Multiple EAN / UPS per product, also based on different package size
  • Extension of the master data to food declaration regulations incl. nutrition values, allergens and cross-contaminations, storing and handling, certifications, analysis and product specifications
  • Flexible categorization of articles based on product groups
  • Universal price calculation
  • Base price calculation functions
  • Shelf label printing in different formats including barcodes
  • Management and calculation of customer buying contracts
    Management and calculation of supplier buying contracts
  • Invoice post control vs order
  • Direct billing for suppliers, collective billing
  • Drop shipping
  • Pricelist management with multiple price lines, output as Adobe PDF-Files with graphically designed font- and back pages
  • Warehouse bonus calculations and processes
  • Interface for check out data
  • DSD (Green Point) service charge calculation
  • Automized output of documents in Adobe PDF Format for mailings and post-production
  • Electronic order import and generation
  • Electronic delivery note
  • Electronic invoice
  • MDE interface to iFD mStore including label printing and EAN 128
  • Integrated interface to mobile sales solution IFD mTrade
  • More interfaces and functions

Extending components

Our solution also offers additional optional components, also based on Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV, business area specific add-ons.  For Example:

EDIFACT Interface

The integrated EDIFACT interface to the products and services of the Firma Seeburger for the following record types often used in retail or wholesale:


ATLAS duties

The ATLAS interface contains customizations in all parts of the supply chain (e.g. Goods Receiving, Warehousing, Shipping), which are relevant from the point of view of customs authorities to assure controllable and trackable flow of goods in the chain and to provide the information resulting to the reporting of notifiable movements of goods. This information is providing information for the service of the service company Softzoll.

Further information on Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV

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