ERP – Navision in retail and wholesale

Our comprehensive “iFD-navRETAIL Extension” Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV / Navision offers our customer and partner a wide range of practical and proven workflows based on years of experience in various different installations in retail and wholesale, mainly in the food retail, but also in other areas of retailers and wholesalers.

Because the system is based on the Microsoft SQL-Server™ technology – the very convenient integration of the Microsoft Office™ product family, especially like Microsoft Outlook™, Word™ and Excel™ and the possible integration of Dynamics™ CRM (customer relationship management) allows qualified users also to use ERP based data within these appliation in order to quickly and easily create data and results needed in the daily life in retail or wholesale – whether these are specific lists e.g. of invoices, customers, shipping, articles lists or reports on turnover or sales, made on demand. Once data is brought into the Office Products like Exel, these can be easily also used for graphical charts or presentation purposes as well.

But mainly, also for an ERP system in retail or wholesale, it is important what the criteria for the solution are:

  • Adequate investment and operating cost
  • Higher investment security by using a standard software product
  • Intuitive and state of the art user interface
  • Ergonomic in solution and usage
  • Efficient and practical workflows
  • Interfaces for efficient data exchange with other applications
  • Integration in Microsoft Office Family
  • Interfaces to good MDE (Mobile Data Entry) solution and mobile sales application
  • Extended support of mobile users
  • Integration of bookkeeping, planning and budget
  • Dashboards for users and deciders
  • Enhanced and reliable support and hotline for questions and incidents (up to 7/24 support)
  • Comprehensive portfolio of additional module and retail functions

The powerful combination of Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV and our add-on “iFD-navRETAIL Extension” offers this extended scope of functionality. Easy to use, quick and efficient – practically proven and integrated.

Modern retail and wholesale with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Efficient, reliable, cost optimized and quick corporate workflows are often a major factor of an advantage in competition. Nowadays these highly efficient workflows are nearly not to achieve without a comprehensive ERP system as the basis. One of the key topics also is, that the system and its methods and logic have to be intuitive and easy to understand to increase acceptance and reduce the time of training needed.

Factors that can influence the cost of operation significantly over the time.

Optimized and easy to use workflows, precise master data and a well-planned degree of automation are basis for todays and tomorrows success. By integrating correctly optimized workflows, especially in ERP systems, personnel cost and response times in operation can be reduced and service quality and speed can be enhanced at the same time.  An extended integration of the Microsoft Office Products like Microsoft Outlook®, CRM or Microsoft SharePoint™ Server – technologies opens up possibilities for further collaboration of these products with homogeneous data from a common platform.

In today corporate wide IT – solutions (ERP systems) the ease of use and understandability should be one the most important topics to leads users consequently to success. This high demand can mostly reached by practical solution.

iFD-navRETAIL Add-On is such consequent solution, based on years of extended experience in food and non-food retail and wholesale, based on these hands-on-experience and workflow knowledge it builds a powerful and efficient solution for retailers across different areas of operation.

To consequently optimize workflows, retailers are increasing the variety and power of their data interfaces to different stakeholders or technologies like checkout systems or internet shops, suppliers and customers.

By electronically transmitting data, you may have significant simplifications in workflows and you may find a reduction in personnel cost can be achieved.

iFD-navRETAIL offers already a number of customizable interfaces for check out data and services to export orders, dispatch advices, delivery notes or invoices.

Supported are these interfaces of iFD-navRETAIL by the Microsoft-Standard, which stores data in a readable form in the standard SQL-Server database, which also assures an independence of the data as well.

Retail – Practical experience forms the solution

The comprehensive solution of Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV covers a combination of the functionality of various different business areas. By enhancing a modifying certain parts of this standard solution, also the important functions of daily retailing and wholesaling are integrated by iFD-navRETAIL.

Retailing is dynamic

Today retailing and wholesaling is underlying dynamic changes, not only in products or in market, also in laws, regulation and reporting requests to various stakeholders and official organizations as well. Systems and solutions therefore need to be dynamics and scalable in order to be prepared for these challenges, allowing to add extension and to further automate processes to keep the personnel cost reasonable. Standard software solution often offer the advantage being supported by various national and international third party software and service providers offering dedicated add-on’s and services to these solutions for wide range of functionality.

Product variants and price calculation

iFD-navRETAIL also contains the functionality to manage product variants and to include a comprehensive price calculation based on various different criteria and metrics, build also the basis for enhanced article data management and data interfaces as well.  The precise knowledge and control of the margin of products sold is, especially in retail and wholesale, one of most important factors, so that margin calculations are often the basis for all kind of calculation – also in iFD-navRETAIL.

Master data  – The source of service quality

The demand and variety of product master data is growing constantly, whether lot oriented data and tracking, nutrition values, information regarding contained allergenic and possible cross-contaminations, contained ingredients, storing information, handling information, recipes, specifications, legal information and analysis results and much more.

Besides of course the information and classification needed in sales about the product and its information towards the customer for different groups of articles like the country and region of origin, color and type or alcohol content for example for wine or different criteria for cheese or meat or even nonfood products as well. So support the challenge iFD-navRETAIL contains a flexible management of article description data, where the criteria per group of articles can be defined and maintained dynamically.

Due to that, if article data is maintained centrally, offering mobile sales people at much information regarding the product as needed, without having the need to know each product detail about the article at any time – the system holds the information and makes it accessible to the sales staff.

The more precise, complete and powerful the maintenance of master data is – the more probable is the retailers or wholesalers todays and tomorrows success in the constantly changing market, having the possibility to answer most important questions and provide sales driving arguments to the potential customer right away – focusing best on his needs and providing quick and reliable information.

But also when expanding the assortment, lots of article data normally has to be entered into the solution. iFD-navRETAIL takes care of this personnel intensive challenges by providing mass data import interfaces to allow to import these new or to be changed articles in files, so that the basic work and the effort of adding articles, also to the pricelist,  can be significantly reduced.

Communication and Interchange

Automation and Optimization in retail or wholesale will be ongoing in the next years, based on the above-described challenges.  In order to support our solution customers also in this area, different interfaces for example for article data, price lists, dispatch advices, invoices and delivery notes are already included in navRETAIL and can be customized on specific demands. Enriched are the number of interface further on with the functions included in the iFD product iFD mTrade (Mobile Sales and Ordering) and iFD mStore (MDE solution).

Retail is precision

But modern retail is of course much more than only data – precise and integrated solutions and workflows generate the smooth flow of goods from the supplier to the customer, whether end-customer or reseller, based on

  • precise, highly coordinated and efficiently planned receiving and in stocking of goods (also with lot and best before and other describing data)
  • Well designed and planned picking processes and installations in the warehouses
  • Qualitative and precise shipping of goods

An efficient, cost-effective and Multilanguage Mobile Data Entry (MDE) solution is obligation to achieve a high quality of services, even including the technology on the trucks itself to have a complete chain. Manual tasks in shipping and invoicing can be significantly reduced, speed and reliability can be at the other hand side increased – by using less personnel.

Customer communication
Customer Relationship Management & MDE

Additionally to central operations, most of retailers or wholesalers have sales forces out the world, communication, informing, selling and reporting back activity to the head office about visit plans, visit, potential, demand and other information. When manually supporting the teams, often a significant part of the central sales personal is interchanging information with the sales agents at customer site or in the stores of the retailer.

For efficiently providing all necessary sales information to the field sales agents, iFD-navRETAIL has optional interfaces to the iFD products iFD mTrade (mobile sales and order taking) – a comprehensive all-in-one solution on mobile devices, directly and safely basing on the iFD-navRETAIL and Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, allow mostly all direct sales related services at customer site, including off-truck-sales and automatic sending of delivery notes and invoices by email (not in all countries permitted).

Not always really in focus but rather powerful – the CRM (Customer Relationship Management Module) and the Service-Module for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV. Extending the Microsoft Dynamics solution by Service- or CRM-related data and functionality.

Would you like to know more about the Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV CRM, the Service-Module or even Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM and the contained functionality like managing cases (Ticket system), automatic assignment of incoming emails to customer or contact records, or even regarding Unified Call Center solution based in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Unified Service Desk client? Please do not hesitate to get in contact and we will present the of customization and integration of the CRM add-on modules or also Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM.

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