mTrade mobile sales solution now as demo for download in Microsoft–AppStore


iFD mTrade, the mobile sales solution. Finally also available for download in the Microsoft-AppStore for Windows. Seeing is believing – just download the App and register as demo user – experience iFD mTrade.

Also mobile, have customer data available, view or entry orders directly, view product data, characteristics and availability, plan visits and right away make your visiting report and follow up, transferred automatically in the head office? That is the functionality of iFD mTrade.

Successful sales people need efficient power tools to concentrate of the most important – customer contact, customer satisfaction, sales and turnover …

iFD mTRADE mobile sales solution

Additional information
Download iFD mTrade Demo App in the Microsoft App-Store
You would like to experience the functionality and power of iFD mBusiness Apps in an individual Online-Product-Presentation?
Just give us a call or send us a small request using or demo request form and we will you back immediately or at the time you demand to define a presentation schedule for you, based on your needs on our demo installations.
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Further Information

iFD mTrade Product information
iFD mTrade Produktinformation
Product information as PDF …
iFD mTrade
iFD mTrade mobile sales solution
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