Mobile Data Entry (MDE) and Mobility

The technological and organizational possibilities of mobile data entry solution have been extensively increased in the last years – by now having a wide range of either affordable and easy or powerful and sophisticated mobile device like tablets or smartphones available. These devices are also the basis for new application scenarios which reach also into the possibilities to optimize corporate workflows and possible automation at reasonable cost.

iFD has been successfully developing mobile solutions for warehouse management, mobile sales and order taking for more the 15 years now. This extended experience was taken over into the development and migration of our product also on certain CE (Consumer Electronics) based hardware for professional mobility solutions in the daily operation for our corporate customers in retail, wholesale, warehousing, insurance and services.

By extracting the core functionalities and methods to an own framework, we use this framework of methods and communication components as a core for a range of industry specific mobile business applications, so call iFD mBusiness Apps.


One of the major differences of iFD mobile apps is the implemented, so called ON-OFFLINE CAPABILITY. The storing and buffering data to be transmitted locally, and certain parts of the master data tables like e.g. price lists on the mobile device in case of non-availability of internet services, most of the functions can still be used, like order taking, picking or store checks and even defined parts of the article data – the operation still can be continued – mStore will remember to transmit the data as soon as a reliable somehow allowed internet connection is available again. Therefore, operation is not depending on an internet-connection at all times – also allowing operating under more ambitious conditions like in cellars, freeze rooms or in the far countryside, just to name a few examples.

iFD mStore for warehouse management & operation

iFD mStore is the mobility solution used in warehouse management to support and extend the ERP functionality with mobile devices into the warehouse and even to the shipping of goods. The iFD mStore acts as a “extended arm” of the ERP system into the warehouse by offering precise and compact functions to simplify the workflows in the warehouse like goods receiving, packing, picking, relocation, tracking, label printing and inventory control – besides other functions.

iFD mStore can be connect to different ERP systems, due to the fact that mStore is communicating with the central ERP system using modern web service technologies. The web services act as a communication layer between the mobile applications and the underlying ERP or IT infrastructure of systems and services. Is the underlying system changing, the communication layer can potentially take care of these changes and help to avoid that the mobility functionality is somehow influenced by these changes.

Currently iFD mConnect has interfaces to the following ERP or warehouse systems

  • Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV
  • SAP Business One™
  • iFD wMaS warehouse management solution as a Service
  • others on request

iFD mobile Business Solutions

Mobile business solutions become more and more popular.

On the one hand, mobile applications are often seen as small fancy mini apps, being loaded and installed on the mobile phone. But that is only the one side of the medal.

The other side is the possibility to integrate or migrate parts of corporate workflows into professional business apps, running on these cost efficient but rather powerful units, making use of centralized and dynamic business logic to fulfill certain defined customer or staff communication goals and challenges to simplify and optimize services utilizing the availability of information in terms of cost of service, speed, degree of convenience for the customer or further service enhancements for sales support and increase, respectively binding your customer loyalty and strategies by providing these superior services.

Now, by using these technologies also for corporate workflows, especially e.g. in the sales forces, methods, tools and communication can be optimized as processes based on common or specific centralized business logic, driven by a high degree of customer oriented automation.

Various traditional corporate workflows e.g. like order taking, new customers workflows or quotations, can be remodeled and strategically optimized.

Also in this area extended ON-OFFLINE CAPABILITY of the sophisticated application is a very important factor, as in the real world outside the head office, internet availability in various locations can pretty much vary.  Even if internet is sometime not available, the impact on the user should be minimized, as far as possible – transmitting data to the central system automatically again when the internet communication is available again.

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