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The technological and organizational possibilities of mobile data entry solution have been extensively increased in the last years. Now you have a wide range of either affordable and easy or powerful and sophisticated mobile device like tablets or smartphones available. These devices are also the basis for new application scenarios, which reach also into the possibilities to optimize corporate workflows and possible automation at a reasonable cost.

iFD mBusiness Professional Apps Structure

iFD mBusiness Professional Apps Structure

iFD has been successfully developing mobile solution for warehouse management, mobile sales and order taking for more the 15 years now. This extended experience was taken over into the development and migration of our product on certain CE (Consumer Electronics) based hardware for professional mobility solutions in the daily operation for our corporate customers in retail, wholesale, warehousing, insurance and services.

By extracting the core functionalities and methods to its own framework, we use this framework of methods and communication components as a core for a range of industry specific mobile business applications, iFD mBusiness Apps.

By extracting the core functionalities and methods to an own framework, we use this framework of methods and communication components as a core for a range of industry specific mobile business applications, so call iFD mBusiness Apps.


One of the major differences of iFD mobile apps is the implemented, so called ON-OFFLINE CAPABILITY. The storing and buffering data to be transmitted locally, and certain parts of the master data tables like e.g. price lists on the mobile device in case of non-availability of internet services, most of the functions can still be used, like order taking, picking or store checks and even defined parts of the article data – the operation still can be continued – mStore will remember to transmit the data as soon as a reliable somehow allowed internet connection is available again. So operation is not depending on an internet-connection at all time – also allowing operating under more ambitious conditions like in cellars, freeze rooms or in the far countryside, just to name a few examples.

Web solutions vs iFD mobile Business Apps (mBusiness)

Especially the mentioned ON-OFFLINE CAPABILITY is one of the major criteria when deciding for one of the technologies. The availability of mobile data transmission is development constantly developing in the world, but nevertheless there still remain situations and circumstances where geographical or infrastructural also in some buildings, the quality and throughput of mobile data transmission is not good enough or even not present to constantly and stable communicate with the necessary server systems. This can have various reasons, in buildings as well as in transportation or warehouse environments like deep freeze cells.

By using our mobile Business Apps, providing this ON-OFFLINE CAPABILITY, the influence of such situation on the flow or work can be significantly reduced. The integrated logic is detecting automatically, whether the data connection is sufficient and holds back data from transmission until this situation is given again, allowing the user to continue with its work with less or no impact on his workflow.

Components of iFD Mobile Business Apps

iFD mBusiness Apps are normally composed from at least two components:

  • mBusiness App for the mobile device
  • Business logic on a central server / farm

The business logics and functions are build be a set of individual secured web services, which are called by the local installed mBusiness Apps to fulfill their mission. The communication with the web services underlies certain standard and individual security concepts, realizing the access to central data in databases or documents, directly or indirectly to form the business logic.

Devices & Operating systems

Individual iFD mBusiness Apps can be setup / developed for different devices and operating systems, like:

  • Windows™ Desktop 7 / 8 / 10
  • Windows™ Mobile
  • Windows CE™
  • Android™(Smartphones and Tablets)
  • Apple iOS™ (iPhone™ / iPad™)

Software distribution

In case of new software releases of the Business Apps, the locally installed apps automatically offers to download them either from a local server or in some cases of the appropriate Apps-Stores. Therefor a manual software distribution is normally not necessary.

Branding of mBusiness Apps

The customizable front-end architecture of iFD mBusiness App is the basis for customer individual design and function of the specific apps. Front ends will be integrated by iFD development, and our design department can support the front-end layout and design on request.

Our Standard mBusiness App iFD mStore and iFD mTrade

Our standard products iFD mStore and iFD mTrade are mBusiness Apps and based on our mobile technology methods. mStore is a traditional in-house application, focused on the warehouse area and the specific tasks necessary in this area. In contrast to that mTrade is a special field application, designed for sales force, district manager and even customers with different, role based functions, from appointment planning, order taking, product presentation to store checks, customer interaction to visit reporting to the central office. It is mainly used at wholesale and retail organizations, in-house and on customer sites.

Software as a Service

In some cases, organizations are not able to provide the business logic for their mobile business apps on their own server systems. For these situations, iFD is offering the operating of the business logic in their data centers and support, taking care of availability, security and data transfer of the results to the customers data center using secured channels. Software As A Service (SaaS)

Typical usage areas of iFD mBusiness Apps

Actual and interesting strategic fields of usage of mBusiness Apps are, for example:

  • Efficient order taking at customer site
  • Off-truck sales
  • Visit planning an documentation in retail and wholesale
  • Order taking in Rack-Shopping
  • Collection of data at customer site
  • Sales processes in insurance area
  • Goods receiving documentation in logistics
  • Goods tracking
  • Tourism systems / Booking Systems
  • Agricultural applications
  • Ticket systems
  • and others

Information regarding iFD mBusiness Apps

iFD mTrade Demo-Video
iFD mTrade Demo-App Download in Microsoft Store

Individual online product presentation

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iFD mBusiness Apps

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