Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM is a powerful and comprehensive solution for modern Customer Relationship Management with a high degree of collaboration with the Microsoft Office™ Product family and other solutions of the Microsoft Dynamics™ portfolio. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The main areas of the CRM solution are divided into the following major function groups:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Service
  • Settings


On the first view – this looks rather over viewable – but in reality, behind these major functional groups a wide and precise package of functionality is covered, which we only can focus on a view of these as examples.

From our point of view, the following are some of the main features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • ease of use
  • capable for multiple-division organizations
  • configurable textual and graphical dashboards for different roles
  • multiple screen forms per entity that are definable, depending on individual needs
  • customizable search and quick search with individual filtering and presentation
  • efficient and customizable workflows and presentation of  standard business logic
  • extended customizability in various areas
  • extension capabilities by additional data structures, fields, forms, lists reports and workflows
  • very good at integrating  into existing IT structures and modern technologies
  • interfaces to Microsoft SharePoint™ Server
  • precise integration in Microsoft Office™ product family and its functionality
  • powerful data import function
  • configurable duplicate check function on records
  • modern applications based on web technologies
  • Multi-Entity Search (Search one phrase over multiple entities e.g. customers, contacts, opportunities) (New in CRM 2016)
  • and much more

A powerful, state-of-the-art, comprehensive solution for all needs of customer relationship management. And it is able to grow with your ambitions and goals.



Extending modules and solutions

Besides the already rich functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft offers a number of add-on-modules or extension. We would like to point out two interesting ones:

  • Microsoft Dynamics™ Marketing
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Module Unified Service Desk (Call Center Client)

Microsoft Dynamics™ Marketing integrates the CRM functionalities and extends the already existing functionality with an even more sophisticated and rich set of marketing instruments. Additional information on Microsoft Marketing can be found at the end of this description.

The additional module Unified Service Desk, also described by Microsoft as “Framework”, contains a set of components to extend the CRM functions to call center users on their windows driven desktops, also allowing certain CTI (computer telephony integration) tasks.

  • A Windows Desktop Application, which will be installed on a Windows operated PC’s
  • A set of Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM Solutions, which will be installed on the CRM-Server by the administrators

all Center and Service Center requirements vary. Due to this, the process of customization will already begin at this stage, after installation of the components.

The USD client receives its configuration data, also containing menu structures, directly from the CRM-Server. By customizing the configuration of the USD, based also on user roles, the behavior, functionality and outlook of the USD-users client is set up.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM USD Unified Service Desk iFD Sample Call Center Solution
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM USD Unified Service Desk iFD Sample Call Center Solution

Also, in this case, no software distribution of configuration data is necessary; the Unified Service Desk Framework automatically downloads its configuration, based on the sign-in user, from the CRM-Server.

Some Highlights of the Unified Service Desk Framework

  • extended customizability
  • customizable menus and menu area
  • participate directly in CRM functionality and data
  • capable of integrating into other resources / own web functionality and resources
  • capable of calling Windows Desktop applications
  • individual agent scripts for own workflows definable
  • capable of integrating certain telephony functions (Computer Telephony Integration)
  • Multi-Language-capable
  • Multiple configurations possible

Technology and components

Typical Microsoft Dynamics CRM installations in the actual version often consist of four major components;

In-house Installation (On-Prem)

  • Microsoft SQL Server™
  • Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM Server
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer™
  • Microsoft Office™ Products (e.g. Outlook, Word, Excel)


Cloud solution (CRM Online)

  • Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM Online Solution
  • Microsoft Office 365™ Products

Besides the standard way of using CRM in the web browser like Internet Explorer or Edge, Microsoft offers additional methods to access the CRM data, like

  • Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM for Windows Desktop
  • Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM for Phone and Tablets

Another very interesting and powerful extension to Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the App CRM for Microsoft Outlook™ . A set of rich functions with Outlook allows your company to benefit directly in the email communication, contacts and tasks of the CRM data and synchronizes these against each other, so that the contact information and tasks are the same in both systems. Mails can be tracked or untracked using Outlook, then if you need that track to also be visible directly to the associated entity like company or contact, this allowing team members and deciders  to also be being informed about the actual communication status.

The app CRM for Microsoft Outlook™ takes care of transferring the tracked email to the CRM-Server as well, and that it is assigned to the appropriate entity, whether it is a customer, lead, contact, contract or anyone else you choose.


The functionality and data of Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM can be extended and customized in various areas, following the individual ambitions, needs and goal of the individual organization. New components and functions like data structures, fields, list, reports, menus and functions can be customized and added using the solution editor function within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

CRM customization and integration is part of iFD project and service portfolio. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further question regarding CRM.

Information regarding Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM

Microsoft Overview Videos about Dynamics™ NAV
Microsoft Dynamics Website

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