Sizing, Installation and system integration

When planning a new system and software solution, it is common that the question regarding the adequate sizing of the necessary hardware and software components, the best-practice installation procedures as well as the precise setup of these components comes up and has to be defined. Our staff will consult with your departments to understand in detail your requirements. Sizing topics are often based many factors, including the extended experience of the software solution(s) and their demands, as well as the knowledge of peak times and users and organization requirements, communication components and more. IFD has accumulated this extended knowledge over the past 22 years by successfully automating a number of differently focused and sized companies.


Our standard services include installation, setup and optimizations of different solution components, like servers, client systems, databases, printing environment as well as used peripheral devices, also in the retail and warehouse areas. Our service often does not really end with software, we often interface with other peripheral devices, like supported handheld scanner, forklift truck terminals and picking equipment, so that we also install and setup these components to make sure that they harmonize in the environment in the optimal way.

Data import from previous system(s)

In most of the integration projects of new ERP or CRM systems, it is necessary to convert and import specific or even all data from system(s) previously used, which will be replaced, partly or in whole by the new solution(s). Especially when talking about older or proprietary systems with even previously made customizations – this can sometimes be a major issue.

In various national and international projects iFD has proven its extended knowledge, successfully taking over also large amounts of data from existing systems(s) into new and customized systems, also from older systems and various database types. As iFD has itself developed on different database systems over the time of 22 years, even knowledge about older systems might be still present and used in such projects.

Micrsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade / Migration

In the last years iFD performed also a number of migrations from older systems to actual Microsoft Dynamics NAV installations, also transforming older customizations and functionalities from the standard classic clients to the role-based clients (starting at NAV 2009). Planning to upgrade to recent Microsoft Dynamics NAV releases from NAV 2009 or below? Just get in contact with us.

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