Extended and complex IT infrastructures with central and distributed components tend to require significant effort for monitoring and controlling the operation to constantly assure a high degree in operation availability. Several factors, including constantly securing your operation, recognizing off-duty situations as well as coordinating the resulting necessary service tasks can be a major factor in cost of operation as well.

By integrating infrastructure monitoring, various manual tasks can be automated by transferred in the responsibility of the one originally invented for such jobs, the machinery – IFD infraMon is a cost-efficient solution watching a variety of software and hardware components frequently, automatically and in different depth and the system initiates messages and notifications in case of incidents or failures, usually directly to the responsible service contract partner – which saves valuable time and speeds up the recovery processes.

Infrastructure Monitoring and Service

Function and availability of servers, services and peripherals in a distributed infrastructure can be a major topic in the overall service level quality. Customers and users expect, especially in the service areas, quick, reliable and complete availability of service, in retail at Point of Sale, in airports in ticketing and service, in official departments and institutions as well in all kind of commercial and public service areas – or of course even in the own organizations with user desktop PC’s, service or service areas. By IFD infraMon, based on the industry standard system Nagios®, manual monitoring and service coordination can be reduced significantly and replaced by automated functionality.

IFD infraMon is an extension of the known standard system NAGIOS Monitoring System for monitoring for example:

Hardware Monitoring

  • Monitoring of Servers, Clients, Kiosk systems and mobile devices including
    • Hard disk and space
    • Memory
    • CPU usage
    • CPU temperature
    • Monitoring of graphics adapters, screens, printers, industrial electronics (SPS / Units), network adapters and more.

POS- / Warehouse devices

  • Monitoring of MDE-devices, scales, check out systems
  • Monitoring of POS-terminals
  • Monitoring of POS-digital signage devices

Database Monitoring

  • Size and filling degree of database tables and index fragmentation
  • Status of database archiving and  DB-Performance

Processes, Services and websites

  • Monitoring and restart of system services
  • Availability, integrity and performance of system and web services
  • Specific processes – are implemented customer individually

Nagios® base system with IFD infraMon Extension


  • Web based solution
  • Monitoring of a variety of different components
  • proactive and automated functional checks
  • interactive and electronic error message and diagnosis
  • detailed SLA-Reports
  • 24 / 7 operating with connection to iFD service center and Dispatching as SaaS available

Additional extensions and functions are available – please ask for details…

Infrastructure Monitoring as a Service

The iFD Service Center also offers Infrastructure Monitoring and Service coordination as a Software as a Service solution for customers. The iFD service center monitors your equipment and reacts immediately in the previously defined way if an incident or error state comes up, based on different service agreements available – up to Gold Level of 7/24 for highly sensible infrastructures.

Please contact us for more details on these convenient services.

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iFD Infrastruktur Monitoring

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