ERP-Performance Tuning and Monitoring

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a Microsoft SQL Server Technology based ERP-System. Especially SQL-Server-Systems have a variety of switches and settings to control behavior, although the standard settings, SQL-Servers are installed with, do not fully support the needs of the individual SQL-Server or ERP-Installation. It is normally the responsibility of the system administrator or installer to adjust these various values to the best possible combination in order to gain the maximum in performance.

Criteria and requirements of Microsoft Dynamics NAV installation may vary from case to case and may therefore influence the experienced overall or response time oriented performance significantly for the user/-s.

For our customers, performance is a major topic – therefore we initiated this partnership with SQLPerform and their comprehensive and powerful and at the other hand side cost-efficient, tools and solutions.

Services and solution for optimal ERP-Performance

SQL Perform is the solution for powerful and cost-efficient tools and solutions from the analysis to the constant monitoring of the performance of Microsoft-SQL-Server-Installations in a Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) environment and offers the solution for the following challenges:

  • Health Check with Helicopter View Report
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Perform-Monitoring Services
  • Performance Labs
  • Performance Tuning
  • SQL Upgrade

Performance resp. bottleneck analysis

In case there is a concrete feeling that the performance of an installation might not be optimal, normally it is to be recommended that an first analysis of the installation based on the collected live data and by using the SQLPerform Tools is initiated – to have clear data in hand about the current situation on the system resp. in the infrastructure of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV / SQL-Server installation.

Based on a proven method, frequently used in the Perform-Analysis-Tools, a comprehensive and compressed overview is generated – containing the most important data and metrics of the installation. Based on that data, a guideline, containing the primary recommendations of steps to solve the performance issues, is created, acting later on as the list of tasks to be done in the further process of performance optimization and monitoring.

Performance optimization

Based on the results of the analysis task described above may result tasks of the need to change defined SQL-Server-Settings, but as well can include task to be solved in the overall infrastructure. Together with our experts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) and performance optimization, the tasks are evaluated and discussed, in order to consequently solve the detected performance issues and bottlenecks in order to result in generating optimal and constant reliable performance for the user/-s.

Our experts can support when solving these performance tasks, additionally bundled with extended support of our partner SQLPerform, the overall service portfolio is completed.

Monitoring und Performance-Control

The SQLPerform Tools are the basis for the constant monitoring of the ERP-System-Performance, regarding the underlying Microsoft SQL-Server-Infrastructure in the installation. The tools constantly record the system metrics and values of the SQL-Server and the Microsoft Dynamics NAV specific components within in the server to then build the bases for having the ability to analyze, spot out and consequently solve upcoming performance issues.

Also requirements of the server regarding data volume, transaction and data sizes may change / develop during operation / the life cycle of a system, so that a yearly checkup of the collected system data and analysis is a good habit to secure system performance over a longer period of time.

Experience hast shown that this annual check-up often is booked when the yearly license renewal is initiated – so that then again a full year with a fresh “re-adjusted” system will result.

Investment protection and cost optimization

Years of experience in various installation, systems and projects have shown, that nearly all systems, when operated, need to be cleaned from time to time – which applies also to digital systems like ERP-Systems, SQL-Server-Systems and as well storage, at the end to maintain and assure accurate and reliable response time and to keep that at a good level over the time.

Using SQLPerform-Tools is an important part of the constant protection of you investment in your ERP- and Database-System and might also help in getting the most out of your installation in terms of performance and usage, even when expanding your business to drive the maximal possible load on your systems.

Additional information regarding Performance-Tuning

You would like to know more about our services regarding Performance-Tuning and the SQLPerform-Products and their advantages for your NAV-installation?

Just give a call, or use our contact from and we will get back to you right away to setup and individual and free online-presentation for you to speak about your requirements.
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