Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Forces

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is one of the central functions of a powerful and reliable customer communication and to visualize your customer communication transparently for the involved teams and deciders with an organization. Besides the traditional methods of customer relationship management, like the accurate maintenance of customer and contact data, enriched by valuable additional contact data, using the advanced functionalities and workflows for e.g. campaign management, unified call center desk solutions and keeping track of incoming and outgoing emails, sales pipeline, leads and opportunities can improve the degree of shared information and transparency for the management and the teams as well.

If then also connected to a powerful mobile sales solution with precise workflows, the solution is rounded up and actively supports the sales force out at customer site with the necessary information or tasks, like order taking or product details – without involving and binding time and cost in centralized internal sales support staff. For this extension to mobile sales, we have or product iFD mTrade in our portfolio.

For CRM we support, based on experience, two different solutions / modules for extension of Microsoft Dynamics™ products.

Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV – add-on module CRM

As a Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV partner for several years, we have a comprehensive knowledge of the functions and possibilities of this module for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV. The add-on module covers a number of basic CRM functions for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV and imbeds directly into the existing data structured of standard NAVISION data tables and functions, like the maintenance of customer contacts, marketing segments or simple campaigns.

Accordingly, to the common method in NAV, also these components can be customized to fit the customers’ expectations in the organization.

Each organization should compare the functionality of the NAV CRM module against its bigger brother; the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to determine which one of the solutions fits the needs and brings most of the expected benefits, also seen from mid-period-view of strategical development of the individual organization.

iFD offers corresponding workshops to prepare this information for the management.

Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV -add-on module SERVICE

Another add-on module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the so called module “service”, which contains certain functionalities of service management.

As this module also integrates into the standard NAV data structures, it can be customized to fit the organizations needs and requirements.

But also here, organization should clearly evaluate whether the service functionality provided by the NAV SERVICE modules is reaching the expectations of the organization, or whether the service functions provided by the “bigger brother” Microsoft Dynamics CRM rather is better suited to fulfill eventually more sophisticated functions and workflows needed perspective in the organization.

iFD offers corresponding workshops to prepare this information for the management.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM goes beyond the functionalities represented by both of the Dynamics NAV – add on module and is typically integrated if this extended web based functionality is used and necessary in the organization for an extensive customer relationship management.

For more details on CRM, please also see our dedicate page – but as a summary, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a substantial powerful solution, which covers a variety of customer related processes, such as Contact data, business process and logic e.g. sales pipeline and processes, as well as customer acquisition to cases, marketing, service and contracts, depending of course on the type and size of the underlying software licenses as well.

CRM can even support Unified Call Center topologies. CRM can be enhanced with a configurable Desktop Client for Unified Service Desk (CRM USD), running on different releases of Microsoft Windows Desktop systems. This compact but very interesting client was specially developed for Call-Center- and Service-Center environments, being a configurable framework.

Categorizing the client  as a”framework” is indicating that it might have something to do with coding solutions. This client gets his configuration data, based on the logged in user, directly from within certain add-on-modules in Microsoft Dynamics CRM – so the configuration is stored centrally, the client just loads and displays the “USD application” on the client system.

Sales forces and mobile order taking

As partly described in the paragraphs above, iFD mTrade extends the functionality of CRM to mobile devices, often of the category of CE (Consumer Electronics), allowing the users consequently, efficient and conveniently fulfill all makor tasks of an field sales service like order taking, visit planning, store checks (retail organisations) or shelf reviews, inventory information, product presentations and details as well as by using our ticketsystem, assigning and verifying taks, assigned to other team members or shop managers as well.

Also in these applications, as part of the iFD mBusiness Line apps, extended functionalities regaring ON-OFFLINE CAPABILITY have been integrated, thus also allowing the operation of the application under rather rough conditions of weak or missing internet connection.

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